Thursday, April 3, 2014

Casual Birthday

Sheer Cat Shirt - American Apparel
Jean Jeggings - Hollister
White Shellys - American Apparel
Black Sunglasses - Aldo

So Its been a while. I kind of lost track of my passion. So many things were happening and it was hard to keep up. But what better way to return than with a new haircut and on my birthday!?!. Today is Wednesday so I didn't do anything fancy. I wasn't going out. So I dressed up and made it casual with a pair of jeans. This shirt has become a favorite in my closet. I've been scared to wear it untucked but my boyfriend gave me the motivation I needed. There was really no thought process to picking my outfit. The shellys are the newest addition to my closet and they just go with everything. If you don't have a pair. I suggest you invest. The accesories are all basics I just thought would compliment my shirt.I missed doing this and I hope guys missed me. Enjoy xo.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Depths Of Your Despair

Metallic Casual Dress - Topshop
White High Top Sneakers - Converses
Clear Clutch - Ebay
Matte Red Lipstick - MAC

Assuming anyone ever reads what I write this is my second topshop surprise. I am completely in love with this dress. I honestly fell in love the moment I saw it. Just because it has the ability to be really casual and dressy too. I chose to wear it casually. Im a sucker for dresses and sneakers ever since . . . ever. When putting this outfit together I really had this futuristic idea. So I really wanted no color. But . . my lipstick was really calling my name. And Idk if anyone has a fashion book. But you just don't say no to Mac Matte Lipstick. That's evil. But don't make fun of my title has nothing to do with my look, I suck at those things. Anyways I hope you like. Muah xo.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Bun Chronicles Part 2

Cat Chiffon Top - American Apparel
Coral Jean Circle Skirt - American Apparel
Oversized Blue Clutch - Forever21

Have you ever felt like you've lost your edge? Recently my boyfriend and I have been going through that problem. Its so easy to get lost in what's popular and what simply looks good. In the midst of all that you forget to wear things that make you comfortable and things that embody the person you are. Now don't get me wrong I love all my outfits but I've been feeling like they lack a bit of creativity. What says creativity more than patterns and color blocking? Um . . nothing ( but if you do find something make sure to tell me) I feel like this outfit just shows off my personality. Bright, colorful and fun. Yet, little patches of black. A little sadness never killed anyone right?
About this outfit . . I don't really know how to explain it much. I've been pondering on it for a while. I guess I hesitated to wear just cause of missing pieces. I wasn't sure what shoes I wanted to wear and how I wanted to do my hair. Typical girl stuff.

Bun Chronicles

Acne Studios Sweater - SheInside
Pleated Leather Skirt - Ebay
White High Top Converses - Converse
Cheetah Backpack - Urban Outfitters

So I really hope the whole world isn't laughing at me. Honest, I am not fond of hairstyles , simply because I cant do them. . . But I was sitting in my room playing around (procrastinating really) and I ended up being Princess Leia black mirror image. It was super fun , I felt inspired and this outfit is the product of that. In this outfit I wanted my new Acne sweater to be the focus piece. Btw, before I go on I purchased this sweater from and if you haven't shopped there before I suggest you go check it out. They have great buys and I believe there's a 20% discount on your first order. Back to my sweater, um its everything a sweater should be. Enough said?. Everything else just fell into place. Everything meaning the skirt really. I had trouble picking out the shoes. I am not a total shoe lover although I am growing out of that. Therefore my shoe game is a little weak. ( HARD TO ADMIT: please don't judge.) In the end my converses won (obvs) with my girly casual hair there was no way heels would work.
Lets talk accessories for bit. Thanks the Fashion Gods for my very generous friend Dannielle, who bought me that backpack for my birthday. I hardly wear it just because it soo amazing and cant let it be seen too often cause then it looses its spark. Thankfully t was the perfect piece to help the outfit stand out especially against the contrasting blue painted wall. I hope you guys loved this one . xxx

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Serpent Under The Flower

Black Quilted Top - Topshop
Red Floral Pants - Forever 21
Clear Clutch - Ebay
Nude High Heel Sandals - Steve Madden

Okay, I know you guys cant tell but I am super excited about this outfit. You know why ?!?! Because I am wearing one of my first topshop items. Topshop is luxury to me. I always look and never buy. It is entirely too expensive for my very small pockets. But when I went to NY I went to the store for the first and gravitated toward to the sale section. This was one of my finds (The other will soon be featured) The top was originally $100 and on sale for $50. That's a huge deal. The fabric is amazing and ugh! if you don't already shop at topshop. As for my pants, Ive had them in my closet for months. This is the first time Im wearing them and it was well worth the wait. BTW, that random girl isn't really random that's my friend dannielle. lol.