Saturday, January 11, 2014

Serpent Under The Flower

Black Quilted Top - Topshop
Red Floral Pants - Forever 21
Clear Clutch - Ebay
Nude High Heel Sandals - Steve Madden

Okay, I know you guys cant tell but I am super excited about this outfit. You know why ?!?! Because I am wearing one of my first topshop items. Topshop is luxury to me. I always look and never buy. It is entirely too expensive for my very small pockets. But when I went to NY I went to the store for the first and gravitated toward to the sale section. This was one of my finds (The other will soon be featured) The top was originally $100 and on sale for $50. That's a huge deal. The fabric is amazing and ugh! if you don't already shop at topshop. As for my pants, Ive had them in my closet for months. This is the first time Im wearing them and it was well worth the wait. BTW, that random girl isn't really random that's my friend dannielle. lol.

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  1. I love your style you're so pretty!