Monday, January 13, 2014

Bun Chronicles

Acne Studios Sweater - SheInside
Pleated Leather Skirt - Ebay
White High Top Converses - Converse
Cheetah Backpack - Urban Outfitters

So I really hope the whole world isn't laughing at me. Honest, I am not fond of hairstyles , simply because I cant do them. . . But I was sitting in my room playing around (procrastinating really) and I ended up being Princess Leia black mirror image. It was super fun , I felt inspired and this outfit is the product of that. In this outfit I wanted my new Acne sweater to be the focus piece. Btw, before I go on I purchased this sweater from and if you haven't shopped there before I suggest you go check it out. They have great buys and I believe there's a 20% discount on your first order. Back to my sweater, um its everything a sweater should be. Enough said?. Everything else just fell into place. Everything meaning the skirt really. I had trouble picking out the shoes. I am not a total shoe lover although I am growing out of that. Therefore my shoe game is a little weak. ( HARD TO ADMIT: please don't judge.) In the end my converses won (obvs) with my girly casual hair there was no way heels would work.
Lets talk accessories for bit. Thanks the Fashion Gods for my very generous friend Dannielle, who bought me that backpack for my birthday. I hardly wear it just because it soo amazing and cant let it be seen too often cause then it looses its spark. Thankfully t was the perfect piece to help the outfit stand out especially against the contrasting blue painted wall. I hope you guys loved this one . xxx


  1. Great outfit. I ordered this sweater and as it's one size I was wondering what size you reckon it comes up in? I want it oversized and baggy preferably.
    Also I've only ever heard bad things about sheinside orders so did you have any problems with yours?

    Elle x